I had a dog called Meg once. She was my best friend, I couldn’t imagine life without her but sadly she passed away on the 3rd of January this year. My dog saved my life many times and the memory of her continues to do so even to this day. I loved her so much and I miss her so badly it is uncontrollable at times. It isn’t easy remembering her but not being able to see or hug her. When I came home from school she would greet me with her tail wagging. She also ended up being best friends with one of my three cats Smokey Josephine. I was talking to my mum once and I didn’t notice her sneaking in Meg’s cage and going to give her a hug. My mum and myself watched Smokey as she gave Meg a hug. Meg wasn’t fussed in the slightest and kinda turned a blind eye. I have a couple of stories about my Meg and I hope you can stay to read them.

Meg goes to the chippy

Meg ran away once. She somehow escaped out the front door It was raining and my parents both had to go out and look for her. My dad couldn’t find her then my mum went out for two hours looking for her. Mum found her at the caravan park. It seemed that she had trotted up the high street and went to the chippy. She followed the first man that came out back to the caravan park and tried to get some chips from him. When the both eventually came home the were both soaked.

Meg saves my life

I had taken her out for a walk near the river one morning and actually went down by the riverside the river had burst it’s banks and I was stupid enough to go and walk right next to it. The bank was very slippery and I ended up falling into the river I was going to drown. So I called to Meg. She came across and acted as my little canine booster she stood while I levered myself back on to the bank and I was saved.

She is one of the reasons why my blog is called Meg Lea. The other is for a reason I am not disclosing.Thank you for reading a snapshot about my old best friend Meg.

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Meg Lea


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